Top 5 Best SEO Tools To Grow Your Startup Rankings

Best SEO Tools

Startups have become one of the chief drivers of the economy, especially in countries like India and China (and also in the developed economies). However, they face several challenges in their way towards sustainable growth. And to the base of these problems, lies one problem. Or you can say that most of the issues with a startup can be boiled down to one problem; lack of acknowledgment.

When a startup is unable to initiate as a full-fledged company with a few loyal clients, this is when the startup starts crashing. Therefore acknowledgment holds the base upon which the startup builds brick by brick.

Search Engine Optimization to its core in this case. When clients search for a service, the startup should show in the local business listings in Google Search. This is all a game of SEO. If your SEO process is bad, your startup will struggle. If you are on the spot, your business will start flourishing.

Here are some of the SEO tools/services online that can help your business get a favorable listing for a generic or specific (depending on your preference) search keyword choice.

List Of SEO Tools For Your Startup That Will Likely Propel Your Growth.

Ahrefs has been consistently ranked as the top-most online SEO service, suitable for small businesses. The fact that most startups prefer Ahrefs says a lot about their service. They have a feature called the ‘Site Explorer’ which helps you carry out an efficient backlink analysis. This helps you find backlinks to your website from other web resources.

Also, they have the Content Explorer which will list down the most popular content based on a given keyword. Their competitive analysis and rank tracking will help you gain detailed insights as to how far away you are from the cluster of competitive startups who are hitting it on the spot when it comes to gaining web traffic. You can either avail of a free service or choose from many of their paid services.


SEMrush offers specialized services, bifurcated into e-commerce services and for enterprise application businesses. Their SEO services include SEO audit, backlink audit, analytics, and position tracking, all of which enable you to They also provide Pay Per Click services that help you gain fast traction by through Ad keywords and creative research analysis, grouping and managing your relevant keywords, and through Google shopping campaign analysis.

They also help manage your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Their content & PR services help you create meaningful content for your business on related topics which help to bolster your image online.


Moz allows you free SEO services divided into three chief types; the Moz Pro, the Moz Local, and STAT. You can start a free trial for Moz Pro which enables you to carry out a keyword research on a global level. The service also includes website crawlers that audit your website. In the end, you get to create custom reports about the SEO standing of your website.

Moz Local, despite its name, is an upgrade from Moz Pro. It provides you with a range of services that are very specific in nature, such as Location Data Management, Real-time Profile Management, Data Cleansing Process, and Social Posting.

These services come at a good price, but nonetheless, deliver your results. Moz has been a top SEO site since the last decade and has helped many small businesses gain SEO traction.

Google Keyword Planner

This awesome, elegant and sophisticated tool does wonders for your SEO. The first option allows the users to calibrate their location settings as well as language settings which helps the Google Keywords Planner to search for keywords accordingly. If you want your results to be displayed in a particular time frame, you can set the date range as per the time range.

Perhaps the seasonal trends feature of this service is the most striking. It allows businesses to get a gist of keywords usage for festive seasons such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day when certain products such as gifts, chocolates and flowers are on an all-time high in sale.

You can also perform a custom filtering of your results by custom filtration of data. You can filter the data based on keywords, average monthly search results, organic impression share, top of page share etc.


Serpstat is known to be an all-in-one service for enabling your SEO growth which mainly focuses on SEO, Pays Per Click and content marketing campaigns.

Serpstat provides the following features, which, although they aren’t tailored for startups specifically, but work for them as well.

  • Keyword collection for SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns
  • Analyzing keywords trends
  • Explore international data on various parameters
  • Relevance checking for your webpage
  • Listing down web pages for a given keyword
  • Get long keywords

Serpastat can also be classified as one of those services that you need when your SEO expectations are not very high but rather basic and hence a low budget. Serpstat has not been so popular as the services listed above because it is still making its way up the ladder.

So What Service Should I Go For?

Not a million-dollar question, but still a relevant one. When you have so many capable means to achieve good SEO traction, it’s quite natural to get in a quandary that which service you should choose.

The information is based on research rather than guesswork, and it’s left entirely your discretion what SEO service you should choose.

For other startup tools, click here.

PS: Here are some honorable mentions: Morningscore, Longtailpro, Rocketing Ranking, Screaming Frog, Similar Web, DeepCrawl Review and Crazy Egg, Cognitive SEO, Merge Words.

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